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March Meeting 2011


Our speaker for our March meeting was Michael Rossi.  We had a lot of members to attend. A lot of members keep turtles and tortoises and didn't want to miss this speaker.  Mike said he has been keeping turtles and tortoises sense he was a kid. He brought many turtles and tortoises from his collection for his presentation.  Mike is a science teacher at Matthew Gilbert and gives reptile educational shows with his turtles and tortoises for kids at many schools.

There are many pictures below from this meeting then there are a few pictures that I took before the meeting.  A few members get there early and set-up a table outside of our meeting room where we have a mini MVP for the visitors at the MOSH.  Great fun and all the visitors get to see and touch a real live reptile and James even brought a BIG TARANTULA!   Not many kids wanted to touch that!

photos by - Mike




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