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April Meeting 2011


Our speaker was Tim Manucy of By The Shore Reptiles. Tim gave a great presentation on Kingsnakes and Milksnakes. Tim has been keeping and breeding different snakes from this large group/species for over 10 years. He went over information for choosing, keeping, and some of the differences of these beautiful snakes. Tim told us that there are three ways of sexing snakes, probing, popping and visual. He also demonstrated sexing snakes by probing a big black milksnake for everyone to see.

Our April meeting was up-stairs this month because the MOSH was using our conference room.  A few members brought reptiles for the MOSH visitors to see but I didn't think we would get many visitors where we were upstairs but we did.  Anytime you take out reptiles, everyone wants to see them.  A lot of MOSH visitors came into see the reptiles and some stayed for our meeting.  Couple new members signed-up. We had a great meeting.

We also had nominees for our new JHS board members.  If you would like to nominate someone please contact Liz before our next meeting.

photos by - Mike




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