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Members Profile

Name:  Donny Kempkes

City:  Jacksonville     State:  Florida
Birthday:  12/20/73
Email:  dkempkes73@gmail.com
  What do you do for a living?  Chef

How long have you had Herps?  Over 30 years now.


What got you started keeping Herps in your home?  Moving to Florida as a child.

  What have been your favorite reptiles to keep?  Geckos
  If you could have any Herp you would want, what would it be?  Tuatara
  What famous Herp person would you like to meet?   Trooper Walsh 
    If you could go herping anywhere, where would you go?  Madagascar  

What is your most memorable moment spent with Herps? Watching my first clutch of beardies hatching.

         What has been the favorite show that you have done?  The international reptiles breeders expo. Back when it was in the twin towers in Orlando.
  Do you have other pets?  1 dog and 1 cat

Do you have time to do anything else? I like to Mountain bike and do Krav Maga.




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